Club Fitting

TrackMan indoor simulators are the premier indoor fitting tool in golf and allow for complete diagnostic capabilities. The Bridge Golf Learning Center is a TrackMan-based facility and has the ability to get you into the best equipment according to your personal swing characteristics.

Using TrackMan, our trained professionals will evaluate your clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, club path, swing plane, and other necessary swing and ball components to properly determine the best equipment for you.

Full Bag Fitting

Cost: $250.00
Time: 3 Hours

Wedge Fitting

Time: 90 Minutes


  • Wedge breakdown
  • Loft and Lie
  • Shaft selection

1 Hour Club Fitting

Time: 60 Minutes

Determine a specific club option; a hybrid, set of irons, fairway wood or driver. This one hour option allows the player and professional to be focused on a specific portion of the full bag.

Club Yardage Evaluation

Time: 90 Minutes

Analyze all clubs to determine carry and total distance respectively. This process allows you to identify any gaps in your bag, and configure your equipment accordingly.