Club Fitting

We offer custom club fitting with TaylorMade and Mizuno clubs for $95 per hour at The Bridge Golf Learning Center, New York City’s indoor home of golf.

Trackman Custom Set Fitting

The ultimate fitting experience. A complete bag fitting; driver, fairway metals and hybrids, irons, wedges and putter. Includes gap analysis and identifying the proper set makeup to ensure that each club in the bag covers an optimal distance with control.


Driver/Fairway/Hybrid Fitting

Fitting to maximize distance and control.


Iron Fitting

Fitting to optimize distance, shot shape, and control.


Wedge Fitting

To optimally fit your wedges, the process includes determining the number of wedges, the loft of those wedges, and the best bounce angles.


Putter Fitting

Very few golfers play with a putter that puts them in a setup position that gives them the best opportunity to make an efficient putting stroke. The process includes determining a player’s aiming tendencies and matching head shape and style to those tendencies. We use the SAM PuttLab to configure and fit players with the correct putter.


GAP Analysis

TrackMan allows us to measure the average carry and rollout for each club in your bag. The process includes determining the average carry distance with each club in your bag and will determine if you have club overlap or need to add clubs to your bag. You will receive a printout with each club yardage after the analysis. Knowing your exact distances eliminates guesswork and increases confidence.