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brian hwang frisbee chipping drill

Chip Shot Drill: Start With a Frisbee

Want to avoid blocked chip shots? Practice throwing a frisbee to get a feel for proper wrist and hand movement, which will help you release the club and keep your ball on target.

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Chip shot drill

How to Achieve Proper Attack Angle on Chip Shots

In this video, Zion Smith and Teaching Professional Brian Hwang demonstrate a simple drill that will force you to take a steeper path, resulting in high, soft chip shots that check up when they hit the green.

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Todd Bordonaro sticker divot tip video featured image

How to Simulate a Divot on a Range Mat

If you practice on a range mat, it can be tough to assess the quality of your contact because it's impossible to make a divot. PGA Certified Professional Todd Bordonaro shows you how to solve this challenge with a simple sticker.

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Brian Hwang choke-proof chip

How to Hit a Choke-Proof Chip

Teaching Professional Brian Hwang shows you how to hit clean, consistent chip shots by relying on your torso and core more than your hands and wrists.

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Brian Hwang chipping tip

Chip It, Don’t Flip It

Many amateurs dread the thin chip, devoid of touch or control, that shoots off the green. Here's how to avoid it.

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Randy K Vest neutral position

Using K-Vest to Achieve Proper Posture

When working with new students, I almost always start with getting into the proper neutral posture at address. This is a crucial component in a strong swing, and one that many players need help with.

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