Santana Rojas at Bridge Golf Learning Center

Student Spotlight: Santana Rojas

Santana Rojas, a new student in our after school program, started playing golf when he was 7 and hopes to join our high school golf team in the near future.

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Staff Spotlight: Tyler Lower

A job on the maintenance crew at Blackwolf Run in his native Wisconsin before the 1998 U.S. Women's Open started Tyler Lower on a golf career that has taken him to Florida, Martha's Vineyard, and New York.

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Tyler Lower and Erik Easton

Two New Teaching Pros in Harlem

Tyler Lower and Erik Easton are joining The Bridge Golf Learning Center as teaching professionals this winter. Both will be working with the young men in our after school program as well as offering lessons to the public. Tyler’s golf career has taken him from his home state of Wisconsin to Florida and the New York City […]

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Mark Cohen and Michael Alameda

Mentor Spotlight: Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen grew up in Brighton & Hove, England, and came to New York in the early 1980s. Today he’s retired and serving as a mentor to Michael Alameda. Here's how he got from there to here.

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