New Opportunities for Brian Hwang

brian hwang with bridge golf foundation students

Brian Hwang with our students on Friday, his last day with The Bridge Golf Foundation.

Teaching Professional Brian Hwang, who has been working with our Foundation students and Learning Center clients since we started in 2015, has accepted new positions at Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich, NY, and Konnectgolf in Manhattan.

“I want to acknowledge the hope, encouragement, and love that I received during my time in Harlem from the Rubin family, the Foundation students and staff, my Learning Center students, and our board members,” Hwang said. “This organization has helped make me who I am, and these new opportunities would not have opened up for me if I hadn’t gotten my start here.”

Director of Golf Mike Sweeney spoke highly of Hwang’s impact.

“The Bridge Golf Foundation is extremely grateful for Brian’s efforts,” he said. “Brian has greatly influenced the fabric of this program, and he will be forever recognized for his contributions. His positive attitude and commitment to the young men has made a significant impact on their lives. I have no doubt Brian will have a fantastic career in golf.”

Bob Rubin and Stéphane Samuel, Co-Executive Directors, added: “We’ve come to know Brian well over the past five years and will miss him greatly. He was present at the creation of the Foundation and has been an essential building block of the program, beyond merely the golf component of what we offer. He has been an important mentor to our young men, and we expect him to continue in that role even though he will not be a regular presence at the Foundation. Onward and upward!”

You can reach Brian at bhuconn@gmail.com.