Student Spotlight

Jaden Jackson golf team spotlight

Golf Team Spotlight: Jaden Jackson

With our high school golf team halfway through its second PSAL season, we checked in with freshman Jaden Jackson about the team's first victory, what it's like to play on the team, and how lessons learned in our after school program have made an impact during matches.

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Student Spotlight: Josiah Yoba

Josiah Yoba, a 15-year-old sophomore at Eagle Harlem, is into drawing and golf, and he's working on the guitar parts for "Beat It" and "Low Rider."

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Alejandro Martinez student spotlight

Student Spotlight: Alejandro Martinez

Alejandro Martinez is a 15-year-old freshman who is considering a career in medicine. He has embraced our character education curriculum, and he has a passion for the Yankees.

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Elijah Opoku student spotlight

Student Spotlight: Elijah Opoku

This month we meet Elijah Opoku, a new student in the program who is entering 7th grade. He recently fielded some questions from Program Coordinator Reggie Mays, Jr.

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