Foundation Students Planning Water Fair to Engage and Enlighten

Water Fair announcement

As part of their research, our students learned about irrigation and conservation efforts at The Bridge with Superintendent Gregg Stanley.

On World Water Day, The Bridge Golf Foundation is proud to announce plans for a Water Fair on June 3 to raise awareness of the many environmental and socio-economic issues surrounding the use of this most precious resource.

As one of our core values, our Foundation believes that golf can change the world for the better. The Foundation has made water, and projects surrounding water, the focus of our community service learning for the young men participating in our after-school programming. This work is part of a growing movement to have the golf community and golfing sector become drivers of solutions that are grounded in truly sustainable water-management practices.

The golf industry is water-dependent. As our nation and other nations face ever-increasing water insecurity, the avid players, professionals and scientists who care about this game are an incredible resource for ideas, action, funding, and support.

Last fall, we launched our fundraiser with Golf Fore Africa to bring clean water to villages in Zambia. This winter, our after school students have studied water through a lens of golf, sustainability, engineering, social justice and philanthropy. This spring, our students are going to share what they’ve learned with their community in our Water Fair.

The fair will feature exhibits by our students and their peers from The Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem. How can golf courses use water more efficiently? How can engineering innovations help to end the global water crisis? How is clean water a social justice issue, both at home and abroad? What can we do to make an immediate and tangible difference? These are the sorts of questions that are driving our students’ research.

In partnership with The Eagle Academy, Columbia Water Center, and the physics department at The City College of New York, the Water Fair will be the culmination of months of work by dozens of young men in grades 6-9. Their exhibits will feature posters, videos, technology-based activities, and hands-on experiences designed to support active learning and dynamic exchanges with their fellow students, family, friends, educators and community members.

Some of the topics our students are tackling include:

  • The contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan
  • Hydroelectric power generation
  • Aeroponic agriculture and sustainability
  • Water and conflict in Sudan
  • Using the physics of light to determine water quality
  • Using design and technology to eradicate waterborne diseases
  • Using design and technology to sustainably manage water

Students will also highlight actions we can all take to make a difference in conservation and social justice issues related to water.

We hope you can join us for this interactive and exciting exchange of knowledge and ideas, where you’ll be able to engage with students, ask questions, share solutions, and connect with your community.

Event Details
Saturday, June 3, 2017, 11am-2pm
MIST Harlem
46 West 117th Street
Harlem, New York