High School Team Wins First Playoff Match

high school team wins first playoff match

Our high school golf team, representing The Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, is through to the second round of the Public School Athletic League playoffs after a 3-1 win over Jamaica at Clearview Golf Course on Tuesday!

The match started in heavy rain, but our young men persevered. Zion Smith (4 up), Antonio Cortorreal (2 up) and Kyle Barthelmy (3 up) won their matches; Josiah Yoba halved his; and Juan Cortorreal (2 down) lost a close one. Michael Alameda and Yohance Whyte were on hand to cheer on the starting five.

Up next is No. 1-seeded Hunter College High at Pelham Bay on Thursday.

“Our guys were really confident and prepared,” said Coach Randy Taylor. “I told them that they have nothing to prove against Hunter. It’s already a huge accomplishment to be where we are. Win or lose, I’m beyond proud of every one of our players.”