Foundation Student Accepted Into Prestigious STEM Internship Program

Triniim Jones 2018 Water Fair

Triniim Jones, center, during the 2018 Water Fair.

Triniim Jones, an Eagle Harlem student in our after school program, has been accepted into a prestigious summer internship program that focuses on science related to the ocean and the atmosphere — from marine biology to hurricanes to climate science.

This program, called NOAA-CREST HIRES, involves a lot of complex acronyms, so let’s break this down for you. NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal agency dedicated to the study of climate, weather, oceans and coasts. CREST is the CUNY Remote Sensing Earth Systems Institute. HIRES stands for High School Initiative in Remote Sensing of Earth Systems.

“Remote sensing” is what satellites and similar instruments do when they take measurements of ocean and atmospheric properties such as wind speed, pressure, ocean currents and temperature over a wide area, like all of North America. This data is then integrated into weather models or used to gauge things like marine diversity.

NOAA-CREST HIRES is designed to prepare a diverse set of students for STEM careers related to NOAA’s mission sciences. This summer, Triniim will work on research projects with scientists and graduate students in the lab and in the field, and he will take a course at City College that focuses on the programming languages MATLAB and Python. At the end of the seven-week program, he’ll present his research findings at a symposium at City College, and he will receive a $1,000 summer stipend and three pre-college or college credits.

This is a serious commitment with a 9-5 daily schedule from June 28 to August 14, college coursework, and real-life scientific research, but we know Triniim will be prepared after more than two years of daily STEM work and hands-on learning at The Bridge Golf Foundation’s after school program.