Student Spotlight: Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson student spotlight

Blake Wilson, center, helped lead our student presentation at the launch party for our Golf Fore Africa clean water project. Also pictured are Michael Alameda, left, and Alejandro Martinez.

Each month we are interviewing one of the young men in our After School program. This month we meet Blake Wilson.

Tell us about your family and other important people in your life.

My mom, my dad, my uncle and my older sister (28) are the most important people in my life. I also have two brothers, who are 6 and 21. I live in the Bronx with my mom.

What is your favorite subject in school, and why?

I like science because I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. I like all sciences, but biology is my favorite.

Why marine biology?

I like the ocean and I like discovering aquatic life. I studied jellyfish when I was 6 by researching online and in books. I learned that the most dangerous one is the boxhead jellyfish. They don’t have any organs, but they can have 24 eyes and can maneuver around obstacles in the ocean.

What do you like about being a part of The Bridge Golf Foundation? How has it made an impact in your life?

I like to play golf. I like learning the physics behind the game in our STEM classes. I’m also more advanced in my math classes as a result of the work we do after school.

Besides golf, what is your favorite sport to play?

I also like to play basketball, football and lacrosse. I played lacrosse from third to fifth grades after school through the Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation.

Which STEM lesson or area of study has been your favorite so far?

I liked learning about geometry. For example, the angles of a triangle.

What is your favorite trip since joining the program?

My favorite trip so far has been when we went to The Bridge. It was my first visit. I enjoyed when Brian Hwang taught us about how upward and downward slopes can affect a shot, and how the rain can affect your chipping.

What’s the strongest part of your golf game right now?

My long game. I’m a decent chipper, but I’m still working on putting.

One fact about you that nobody in our program knows?

I like to swim. My favorite strokes are the breaststroke and the front crawl.

Favorite sports teams/music/video games.

Sports team: Yankees
Musician: Beethoven (I like Für Elise.)
Video games: Call of Duty
Books: Hunger Games

How has Character Education impacted you as an individual in and out of our program?

It taught me about philanthropy. I knew what giving was, but I didn’t know how far you could go with it. You don’t have to be famous. Our clean water project with Golf Fore Africa has shown me that even an everyday person can help people.