To Hit a Draw Off the Tee, Focus on Your Backswing Position

By Randy Taylor, Teaching Professional

Teaching Professional Randy Taylor

Randy Taylor

Are you fighting a pull hook or pull slice off the tee? To win the battle and groove a smooth draw, focus on getting into the proper backswing position for an inside-out swing.

In the first set of images below, we see Juan Cortorreal, one of our Foundation players, demonstrating the limited backswing position he had last season, and the corresponding data from TrackMan.

Juan’s hip and shoulder turn are very limited, and the club is close to vertical. From this position, the lead hip will slide forward during the downswing, and the path of the club will cross the body left of the target line. This limited backswing increases the chances of an open face at impact, leading to a pull slice, or a shut face, leading to a pull hook. In Juan’s case, as you can see from the ball flight on the TrackMan image below, it’s a pull slice.

Juan Cortorreal backswing improper

Now, let’s fix this backswing! In the images below, we see the new backswing that Juan and I have been working on. He’s been focusing on feeling his hips and shoulders move at the same time and putting more than half of his weight on his back hip. As you can see in the photo, his hips are now closer to a 45-degree turn, and his shoulder rotation is so clear that you can see much more of his face.

Most importantly, Juan’s club is now in a solid parallel position and all set for an inside-out ball strike with a shallower attack angle, which leads to more overspin and a nice, controlled draw.

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Juan Cortorreal backswing proper