Staff Spotlight


Staff Spotlight: Tyler Lower

A job on the maintenance crew at Blackwolf Run in his native Wisconsin before the 1998 U.S. Women's Open started Tyler Lower on a golf career that has taken him to Florida, Martha's Vineyard, and New York.

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Anne Whitney working with Avion Phillip, a rising junior at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem.

Staff Spotlight: Anne Whitney

Anne Whitney, a recent graduate of Columbia University, worked as a tutor in The Bridge Golf Foundation’s summer program. She plans to spend the next year working in the nonprofit sector before attending Harvard Law School in the fall of 2020. She recently fielded some questions from Charlie Hanger,  digital content manager for The Bridge […]

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Ahsan Khan staff spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan, a STEM Program Assistant at The Bridge Golf Foundation, grew up in Queens and developed a passion for science at a young age.

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Brian Hwang with members of the high school golf team

Staff Spotlight: Brian Hwang

Teaching Professional Brian Hwang talks about his junior golf years, his time on the UConn golf team, his aspirations in the game, his work with our high school golf team, and more.

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Jacinth Thomas, center, accompanied the young men of The Bridge Golf Foundation to the second round of the U.S. Open at Shinnecock

Staff Spotlight: Jacinth Thomas

Jacinth Thomas is a 23-year-old golf management student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore who is working as a summer intern at The Bridge Golf Learning Center.

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Staff Spotlight: Karina Buhler

Karina Buhler, our new STEM Program Assistant, brings a deep knowledge of environmental science and a passion for the Earth to our Foundation's after school program.

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Omar James Mendoza

Staff Spotlight: Omar James Mendoza

Omar James Mendoza, a mechanical engineering student at The City College of New York, joined our team after almost a year of volunteering as a STEM instructor.

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Tracy Young staff spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Tracy Young

Tracy Young, who keeps the books for The Bridge Golf Foundation and The Bridge Golf Learning Center when she’s not taking photos, recently fielded some questions from Executive Director and Co-Founder Farrell Evans. FE: Most people understand the job of a bookkeeper and its importance to any organization. So I’ll ask you what’s unique about […]

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